It’s so important to learn to trust your gut! Your head and your heart might lie to you… but your first thought in your gut is never wrong. The universe will give you signs, you just have to be open enough to receive them.

I had a choice to make the other day and I went back and forth over and over with my mind, but my gut instantly said hell no. Then, several red flags flashed in my mind that I had obviously buried from the past. I thought to myself, “Cherie Johnson, why, why, why did you need 3 of these red flags before you got it?” Call me slow or call me always tryna see the potential out of every situation. This time I can laugh and keep it moving.

I went to sleep and had a dream about a person pulling off their mask. I was confused and wondered where that came from in my subconscious mind. After a potty break and pondering for a moment, I then opened my email and the first thing I saw was an email with the subject line that said, “Trust your gut!” BAM, My Answer!

Finally, at 46 years old I am getting it. I am learning to trust my gut and stay happy by not second-guessing myself. We were all born with some sort of instinct. I’m not sure as to why with age we second guess it or want to give benefits of doubt into situations or people. 2022, Ima get real good at quoting my gut!

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