Cheer Season Two!

I have never been more proud! Sitting watching the TV with my mother, I couldn't hold back the tears as my gorgeous little cousin graced the screen: Jada Wooten! I'm just throwing it out there... Jada is easily the break-out star of the show! She is a star tumbler and flyer. Jada Wooten is introduced in Cheer Season 2 [...]


I promised myself I would get back to reading this year. It's how I used to spend some self-care "me" time. I bought this book from Amazon yesterday and stayed up all night reading it. It is amazing to look at things from a different perspective. Knowing that slavery didn't end until almost the 70's [...]

Only People Who HAVE Had COVID Have Invited THEMSELVES over to my house…

I don't know why I allow others to even surprise me anymore but somehow, they do. It's the New Year and I am sitting back reflecting on this past year as I receive a text message from someone who earlier this week said they were going to the hospital for Covid and now they are inviting themselves to my house. [...]

2022: I am putting JuJu on all the Fake Sugar Daddies

Ladies, stop accepting this lame behavior! I'm just not the Sugar Baby type! First of all, I am 46 years old. I ain't nobody's "Baby" but my Momma’s. From what was told to me by a man near and dear to my heart when I was in my 20's, "Sweetie, men don't give you hush money because you [...]

I Know Green Tea is the Trend, but I Crave All Black Everything!

Samuel told us Always bet on know why? Black is good for you!  Black tea is a great natural way to help reduce cholesterol levels, which helps your heart health. It can help prevent heart attacks and strokes. One huge study done over a ten-year period evaluated almost 75,000 people. People who reported drinking at least 4 cups [...]

Happy Christmas Eve!

I really hope everyone is enjoying their evening, with their loved ones. Unfortunately, Christmas seems to be one of the toughest holidays of the year for a lot of people. I pray everyone's heart is at peace and for the transition of new beginnings and new traditions is done with ease. My heart is with all who [...]