7 Important Things to Teach Children About Money

1. Teach them to respect money! If parents treat money with respect, watchful eyes will learn. What ever happened to “Find a penny pick it up all day long you will have good luck?”  I watch children walk by pennies or drop them on the ground. They need to understand that one cent can’t set [...]

Flashback Friday – My Business Isn’t On Social Media, My Personality Is…

Here's a Flashback Friday post from 2021. It's simple. I post things that make me laugh. I post things that entertain me. I post things to provoke thought. I entertain myself.  My page is public, and my real friends do not contact me on social media for conversation. They call or text my phone. Social media [...]

Black Men: We Need to Stop the Toxic Cycles!

Dear Beautiful Black Men, We need to STOP the Toxic Cycles! Black men are causing other Black men trauma without even realizing it. Please don’t ever allow anyone to have enough power to make you feel bad about            Being in love           Being soft           Being [...]

Beware of Those that Seek Drama to Survive

There are a large number of men and women who seek drama to survive! I have been called uncaring, self-absorbed and indifferent because I’m unable to jump on the soap opera bandwagon of life. This is a tactic that drama kings and queens use to draw you into the mess, so you won’t remain standing on [...]

Opportunity is Everywhere

Successful people are successful because they refuse to let opportunity pass them by. They aren’t afraid to hear NO and they hear it often, but they are emotionally intelligent enough to know just because they were told “NO,” it’s not the end all be all. It means NO…Not right now. As actor’s statistics say, we [...]

Autumn is coming

I have one of those kids who doesn’t like to eat breakfast. So, I have to fool her by making it cute. She’s a lot like her mother and not really a morning person, but I notice when I make her a cute breakfast it lifts her spirits, makes her smile and when the plate [...]

Flashback Friday – My biggest turn off is men who complain about paying child support

Here's a Flashback Friday post from 2018. I am so thankful I do not have a child support issue. The vast majority of men on social media make my stomach turn. I could not imagine having to explain to a grown man why I need money to help take care of a little human we created together. [...]

Wellness is inside out!

When you have your own personal goals,  it's important to surround yourself with like-minded people. They will push you daily to be the best you, whether they are near or far. One of my dear friends, Derin is the founder of Strotokan. When I mentioned to him my 46-year-old body wasn't 20 anymore, I received a package in [...]

Flashback Friday – I often wonder how people perceive reality

Here's a Flashback Friday post from 2018. When I lived in California, I had a strange relationship with going out in public. It was just weird. I honestly started to hate it and became a hermit. People think Hollywood is like Disneyland but fail to realize actors are just like Mickey Mouse without a big [...]