Black Men: We Need to Stop the Toxic Cycles!

Dear Beautiful Black Men, We need to STOP the Toxic Cycles! Black men are causing other Black men trauma without even realizing it. Please don’t ever allow anyone to have enough power to make you feel bad about            Being in love           Being soft           Being [...]

Beware of Those that Seek Drama to Survive

There are a large number of men and women who seek drama to survive! I have been called uncaring, self-absorbed and indifferent because I’m unable to jump on the soap opera bandwagon of life. This is a tactic that drama kings and queens use to draw you into the mess, so you won’t remain standing on [...]

Opportunity is Everywhere

Successful people are successful because they refuse to let opportunity pass them by. They aren’t afraid to hear NO and they hear it often, but they are emotionally intelligent enough to know just because they were told “NO,” it’s not the end all be all. It means NO…Not right now. As actor’s statistics say, we [...]

Stop forcing children to have a relationship with emotionally abusive family members!

All love shouldn’t be unconditional! Your mental health should be more important than anything else. When you teach children to have relationships with family members that are emotionally abusive, what are you teaching them is their feelings do not matter. They are to love that person, no matter how they were treated. Someone else’s opinions [...]

Never fight a woman over a man!

Ladies, please explain to me the logic of fighting another woman over a cheating man. I understand the logic of both of you fighting him. I will never embarrass myself fighting any woman over a cheating man. (Cherie Johnson Is 2 cool for that.) If women banned together, men would stop. Other women owe you [...]

What does success mean to you?

Living in Los Angeles, I realized success means different things to different people. That’s okay! Everyone has the right to have their own success meter that works for them.  Unfortunately, the majority of people I ran across are totally caught up in material. Not only is it how they gage their own success, but how they [...]