Nobody else can make me have a bad day

Here's a Flashback Friday post from 2020. Emotional intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions. To be able to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. I was called “Nonchalant” from someone I care about. This is a term that has been thrown in my face several times, mostly by [...]

The Reason Women Love Thugs

I am going to be 100% honest. Women love bad boys and thugs because they know how to appreciate women. Most "Thugs" grew up lacking something.  Whether it be: Money Parental Guidance Stability Survival of abuse There are some underlying childhood issues. So, when they come across something or someone who is good to them... [...]

He doesn’t want you! He wants to know he has access to you!

Sis, know the difference. If you have a man from your past who reaches out to you sporadically out of the blue, after disappearing for months at a time. Just as you have moved on... Please know that's not your man and he's better left in the past. That's Not Your Man, Sis! He simply tryna [...]

We are all we got. Let’s start loving and supporting each other!

I love you, Sista! I love you, Brotha! I support you and want to see you win. As a community, we have so many issues. OUR FIRST BIGGEST ISSUE IS LOVE AND RESPECT. Yes, trauma runs deep in the Black community. Are you ready to break the cycle? If so, it starts with love. My Sistas, this [...]

Only People Who HAVE Had COVID Have Invited THEMSELVES over to my house…

I don't know why I allow others to even surprise me anymore but somehow, they do. It's the New Year and I am sitting back reflecting on this past year as I receive a text message from someone who earlier this week said they were going to the hospital for Covid and now they are inviting themselves to my house. [...]