You Want To Know Why Moms Are Always Mad… We Are Constipated đź’©

Why every time I sit on the toilet, I have to have company! I'm so tired of NOT being able to shit in peace. Every Mom understands this very sentiment. Since men always want to be included in Advice For My Sistas, here is an opportunity for you to read and learn something! How many times do children [...]

My Daughter Got A Shorkie For Christmas!

I'm not sure if you have seen the videos of Brownie or if you are following his IG page but he has quickly become an extension of our family. He has acquired his own space, his closet, and our hearts!  Brownie is a shorkie, which is a crossbreed between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Shih Tzu which [...]

Rhythm got her YouTube Channel!!

Whelp, I lost again in family court! Lol. For the past 2 years, she’s been asking me to start her YouTube page and I was giving major resistance. Just like when she wanted to publish her book under her name instead of a pen name. I was not feeling it. Having my baby in the [...]

Happy Christmas Eve!

I really hope everyone is enjoying their evening, with their loved ones. Unfortunately, Christmas seems to be one of the toughest holidays of the year for a lot of people. I pray everyone's heart is at peace and for the transition of new beginnings and new traditions is done with ease. My heart is with all who [...]


My mother always did a wonderful job to make sure I saw my face and likeness on the Santas in and outside our house. She painted them! I am so thankful that my daughter was born in a time that is much more inclusive and we have places like the Pottery Barn carrying these beautiful [...]


This pandemic has been a killer on my daughter’s social life! Yes, she’s only 7 but it’s been going on since she was 5 and the kid misses human connections. I’m so damn tired of hearing her talk about Roblox so when my friend, Diana brought up her friend’s herb class, I was excited to [...]


I smile every time I see Rhythm reach for a pepper. She has learned how to make her own snacks and she often substitutes peppers for bread. As a nutritionist and mom, I couldn’t be happier.  Some of her favorite snacks are peppers stuffed with tuna salad, egg salad, string cheese or just dipped in [...]


I hear from parents often how they are shocked that my daughter loves vegetables and fruit. I say children love what they are introduced to early. What they are offered when they start eating is what they develop a taste for. Plus, it helps she grows some of her own fruits and veggies. Children take [...]


I get it, we are all busy! Working from home with kids is no easy task. It’s not easy for them either. This whole Covid thing got most of us being parent and playmate. No, it’s not easy, but sometimes the dishes, phone, emails, laundry and everything else has to wait. Roblox CherieAnime CherieFuture CherieRoblox [...]