Cheer Season Two!

I have never been more proud! Sitting watching the TV with my mother, I couldn’t hold back the tears as my gorgeous little cousin graced the screen: Jada Wooten!

I’m just throwing it out there… Jada is easily the break-out star of the show! She is a star tumbler and flyer. Jada Wooten is introduced in Cheer Season 2 as the most determined athlete on the TVCC team. After losing to Daytona in 2019 and missing out on the competition in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, Jada was determined to leave TVCC’s The Cardinals with a win under her belt. She does just that before moving on to bigger and better things.

She had no problems being open and honest with the cameras and never tried to paint herself as picture-perfect. She wasn’t afraid to show vulnerability, which is why audiences are falling in love with her and cheering for her to win. Early in Cheer Season 2, she shares her struggles with “mental blocks” with filmmakers after suffering a nasty fall in the months before joining TVCC in early 2019. She credited TVCC coach Vontae Johnson (No relation) for motivating her and making her the best version of herself.

I’m not gonna give away too much information but this show is a must-watch and cheerleading is definitely a sport now on my radar! I can’t wait to see what this beautiful, intelligent woman will do next! I know my Grandpa is in heaven screaming for joy with your great-grandma, baby girl! 

WE ARE ALL SO PROUD OF YOU!!! This world is literally yours, go take EVERYTHING you want from this universe!

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