There is nothing sexier than eye contact

That eye contact that takes your breath away! The eye contact that you never forget, no matter how many years go by. That’s the one you don’t let go of. The one who makes you feel intoxicated on sight. I know several of you are reading this thinking about that very person who gave you that feeling. Unfortunately, it’s NOT the person many of you ended up marrying. 


That eye contact is like a drug. You need that feeling again, so u can get that fix. So, you are able to feel it over and over and over again. Life is short, you deserve that feeling daily. 

Here is a secret: If you want them, simply look deep into their eyes and don’t look away. Look deep into their soul and talk to them. If you start breathing deeply or you get all sweaty and shit, it worked. lol After you do it, think of me then write to me and tell me how it went, LOL.

Your Eyes Are The Windows To Your Soul~ Darius McCrary (Age 13)

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