So, I really thought that I was the only person in the world who has anxiety about giving gifts! At 44 years old, it was time to get to the cause of anxiety. I am so OVER it! Like this is supposed to be a fun experience! Although I do not love shopping honestly, I just rather be doing other things. Holidays are not supposed to bring me stress and anxiety. I am going to enjoy myself this year! No matter what. Then I started trying to rack my brain about the root of the problem as I made my holiday shopping list. It all became perfectly clear. For the first time ever, it made perfect sense to me. I realized it’s only certain people that cause me anxiety…WOMEN! 

I love shopping for children and men. They are super easy, and I always get to buy them really fun, easy things that make them laugh and they treasure! Men tend to be much more appreciative!  Especially with the little things in life, it doesn’t take much to make them happy. Socks, food, a game to play and they are set. The power of new underwear is majorly unrecognized by the masses. Also, if you ask a man what do you want or need, they tend to answer you! Ask a woman the same thing: either you get an unrealistic answer or none at all! I am to the point now that I won’t even bother to ask anymore.

This upcoming holiday season I am saying goodbye to my gift giving anxiety! Ima keep it simple and remove the emotions about making the right choices for someone else! It doesn’t matter what I would love for them to have or what I think would look nice on them. I aint racking my brain to buy them anything. It’s just not worth the unnecessary stress. If Covid has taught me nothing else, it taught me to let go of shit I can’t control.

Yes, a gift card / cash some think are not personal enough, BUT I don’t have to worry about if they like it or NOT, because those difficult people are going to pick it out themselves! Easy peasy for my mental health! Ladies, here go shopping. It’s a win, win for all parties involved! 

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