Speak after me: My words and thoughts are powerful! My tongue speaks truth.

Most people don’t understand what you say is what you receive. You need to understand that. You need to speak kindly about yourself and never be afraid to ask people and the universe for exactly what you want. 

The words “I am” are the most powerful words that will ever come out of your mouth! So, whatever you speak after those, you need to be very mindful. Because whether it’s positive or negative that you speak after the words “I am” is speaking your destiny.

If you can’t speak on what you are worthy of, how do you expect others to be in tune with your heart’s desires? 

5 keys to becoming truly successful are:

  1. Be thankful 
  2. Try daily affirmations 
  3. Purge old or negative energy that doesn’t serve you in a positive way.
  4. Work towards your goals daily.
  5. Change your environment and change your life.

The closest 5 people to you are who you become.

I promise if you do these things, your life will change. You are worthy of all!

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