Let’s support our Sista, y’all: Guest Blogger @brittaninicolebeauty

I am Brittani Nicole, founder, and CEO of Brittani Nicole Beauty, where my vision is to “SIMPLY INSPIRE”. The vision came about years ago while working at a high fashion retailer. I had many experiences with customers that burdened my heart. 

Many of the women that shopped with me were wealthy, and many of them had everything they WANTED, but not everything they NEEDED. They would literally come in and sit down just to have someone to talk to and share their deepest thoughts … I thought to myself “Which cosmetics line is going to offer moral support , or encouragement to their clients ?” The answer was NONE, and I promised that I would be the first brand to make that happen.  

Women of color would come to shop for makeup, and there were a few brands that didn’t make “dark enough” shades. I said to myself, “This shouldn’t be!” So, I knew for the future brand I wanted to cater to everyone, but my black Queens FIRST. 

I wanted to create a brand that encouraged women beyond makeup – A brand that gives hope and is pure in intentions. Whether it’s a phone call, an encouragement card, or $5 for Starbucks, I love being a blessing to my customer base ❤️❤️❤️

A few months before I launched, I went through some of the most trying times I’ve ever experienced. 

My grandmother passed away, my dad was hospitalized with Covid, and I lost my job. I felt I had no strength left to start this business, but I pushed through! I made it happen because I refused to let the dream die. I wanted to make my family proud, and most of all make myself proud!

I want to inspire all those women who feel they can’t accomplish their dreams. Through my brand I will accomplish this, all while providing a luxury line with amazing products. 

Brittani Payton

Founder of Brittani Nicole Beauty 

Note from Cherie;

My favorite product I have been using daily is Lucy’s Lip Glaze

A Natural, creamy, pearlized finish. This Lip line is dedicated to Brittani Nicole’s late grandmother “Lucy” who believed that a natural look is the best look – including lip colors! This ultra-lightweight gloss, which contains natural vanillin extract and glides on sheer, has no sticky feel and provides a high sheen look. 

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