The Reason Women Love Thugs

I am going to be 100% honest. Women love bad boys and thugs because they know how to appreciate women. Most “Thugs” grew up lacking something. 

Whether it be:


Parental Guidance


Survival of abuse

There are some underlying childhood issues.

So, when they come across something or someone who is good to them… they love the fuck out of them. Appreciation is a major factor. They cherish every moment and try to build good memories. They make women feel special and never taken for granted and they appreciate having someone truly on their side. Thugs also live by street code, so their loyalty tends to be stronger. They also don’t mind getting their hands dirty and usually know how to fix something. Men who can use tools are sexy! 

Meanwhile, most of the men talking about ‘nice guys finish last” are narcissistic as they come and control freaks, quiet as kept. Nice Guys never have to tell people he’s a nice guy. Others will do the talking for him. Unfortunately, many of these nice men are worried about their nails and getting their clothes dirty. So, asking them to fix anything for you is off-limits. (YES, REALLY)

Let’s not forget the confidence of a Thug. They aren’t confident because of the clothes they are wearing or the car they are driving. Their essence… Power and respect are huge within the community. A self-made man is always more attractive than one living off Mommy and Daddy. 

Last but not least, sex is usually better too. YUP, I said it!

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