I tend to put my Christmas decorations out right before or right after Thanksgiving. That way my family has a little bit of time to enjoy all the hard work before I take everything down. I’m a firm believer of let’s celebrate one holiday at a time. It’s hard for me to understand why stores start Christmas decorations before Halloween is even over. I do understand the advertising aspect of people need to see something 25 times before they purchase. It’s a subconscious trick, but it’s a bit much, way too early.

I am a fake tree lover! For a small investment, you have less mess and a tree you can use over and over. I always felt it was sad to cut a tree down just to know it’s dying shortly, after a few weeks. It’s not like you can replant them and reuse them. 

We have four trees in our house. My daughter’s personal Snoopy tree gifted to her by her Uncle Chris before he moved to Thailand.  She loves that tree with its one bright red ornament. She likes to sit it on her piano. Then there are 2 small trees that are about 4 feet tall that go on either side of the TV in the family room and the super large tree that goes in our living room. 

The large tree is a family effort. Everyone chimes in and helps get it decorated, but the smaller trees my daughter takes pride in decorating herself. I actually love it because even though she is 6, she’s had 3 years of practice and is ready to tackle them. It’s also a great activity that will keep her short attention span busy at least for a good hour. 

Keep them busy and teach them to help early on.

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