Happy Christmas Eve!

I really hope everyone is enjoying their evening, with their loved ones. Unfortunately, Christmas seems to be one of the toughest holidays of the year for a lot of people. I pray everyone's heart is at peace and for the transition of new beginnings and new traditions is done with ease. My heart is with all who [...]

My Great Aunt LaVern mailed my daughter a cake! (Recipe included)

Those beautiful Christmas gifts bring you to tears. This year my Great Aunt got me. I remember being little and a round cookie tin arrived in the mail from Pittsburgh after we moved to California. We weren't home for the holidays. I remember feeling extremely special. I had to be around 7 years old, and that cake [...]


My mother always did a wonderful job to make sure I saw my face and likeness on the Santas in and outside our house. She painted them! I am so thankful that my daughter was born in a time that is much more inclusive and we have places like the Pottery Barn carrying these beautiful [...]


I’m an East Coast girl. There is something so sexy about the weather change. Sweaters, warm tea, that extra blanket on the bed! Let’s not forget about the sexiness of men in Tim’s and Hoodies on, women in skinny jeans and high boots! Seeing your breath. Deep sigh, I have the biggest smile on my [...]


The National Native American Heritage Month was created in 1990 after Congress passed a resolution and it was blessed by George H.W. Bush, to honor Native American contributions, sacrifices, achievements, and culture amongst the years. This month was made to recognize the historical legacy of the original inhabitants of what we now know as The [...]


In my house, Halloween is a Big Deal! It is hands down my mother’s favorite holiday. So, the inside of my house looks like a Haunted House! My childhood was magical, and my mother always went above and beyond to make all of our holidays special, so I want to make sure mine have the [...]


One of the greatest things about growing up in California was the opportunity to embrace and learn other people’s cultures firsthand.  With Black History Month impending, I need to recognize another cultures’ very important day that’s approaching.  I remember Soleil Moon Frye's mother taking us to a Chinese New Year festival when I was a [...]