My daughter asked would there still be Easter even though Corona! My heart hit the floor then she said, “Mommy, if the Easter bunny can’t do it, we may have to team up and get bunny costumes to take kids eggs all over the world.” 

I held my tears in and said, “Don’t you worry, baby. There will be Easter.”

“If you have to, Mommy, just look in my room and hide stuff I already have,” she told me.

My heart melted; I just love her 5-year-old self! 

I am so thankful I save everything from refillable Easter Eggs to the same Easter grass that’s been in my daughter’s Easter basket the past 5 years! 

I know some may call me cheap and silly, but because I save everything, my daughter won’t be going without this Quarantine Edition of Easter! I haven’t been out in 4 weeks! Only to take out the trash and get the mail once a week and I don’t want Amazon or anyone else delivering me anything. I’m not trusting anything from outside!

The biggest lesson I learned from my daughter is it’s the experience, NOT the material things that matter! So, you may have not been able to prepare, it’s a great time to get creative and build them an experience! 

As parents, we put so much pressure on ourselves to give our children the perfect holidays. In the end, they ARE All PERFECT because we shared them together and that’s what it’s all about! Happy Easter, make beautiful memories! 

I over shopped on Christmas and hit the after Christmas clearance section at Walmart! An OMG Doll, some LOL balls, bath crayons, bath paints, a bathing suit, a coloring book and some bath toys will all be put in this kitty basket I originally purchased for her toys. 



  1. I think this is so cute, she is always thinking of others, just like her Mom. And you be thrifty speaks volumes for you.


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