The Rise of Africa Would Be The Fall of Western World

The Rise of Africa would be the Fall of the Western World and they would do ANYTHING to stop that! White Fear… has always prospered by STEALING Black’s resources. This is the root of Racism.

Africa is all of our Throne, and it must be protected.

The issue of exploitation and colonization of African countries by western powers and China is a complex and ongoing one, with deep historical roots and far-reaching consequences for the people and societies of Africa. For centuries, European powers engaged in the transatlantic slave trade, followed by colonization and exploitation of African resources, often through violent means. The legacy of this history can be seen in the ongoing economic, social, and political challenges faced by many African nations today.

Today, many African countries are still subject to exploitation by foreign powers, including the extraction of natural resources such as oil, minerals, and timber, often through exploitative labor practices and environmental degradation. These practices can contribute to poverty, social instability, and conflict, and can undermine the ability of African nations to build strong, self-sufficient economies and societies.

Efforts to address these issues have been ongoing for many years, including through international advocacy and support for fair trade, environmental protection, and human rights. However, the root causes of exploitation and inequality in Africa are complex and deeply ingrained and will require sustained efforts from both African and international communities to address. For you smartasses who wants to write me back and say, “Now what?” because you are unable to self-think…. Some possible ways to address this issue include:

  1. Support for fair trade practices: Consumers can support companies and products that use fair trade practices, which aim to ensure that producers and workers are paid fairly and that environmental and social standards are upheld.
  2. Stronger regulatory frameworks: Governments can work to create stronger regulatory frameworks to protect their natural resources, including laws and regulations around environmental protection, labor rights, and responsible resource extraction.
  3. Transparency and accountability: Governments can work to improve transparency and accountability around the management of natural resources, including by publishing detailed information on contracts, revenues, and investments related to natural resources.
  4. International cooperation: International organizations can work to support African nations in protecting their resources and ensuring fair trade practices and can also work to hold multinational corporations accountable for their actions in African countries.
  5. Community empowerment: Communities can be empowered to take control of their own resources, through efforts such as community-based resource management, co-operatives, and land reform.

Ultimately, stopping the exploitation of Africa’s resources will require sustained efforts at all levels of society, and will require addressing the underlying causes of poverty, inequality, and conflict that contribute to the continued exploitation of African resources.

You have the power to make a difference and making your voice heard by these different companies that are not fair trade is a great start. Whether you agree or not, your silence is acceptance! Don’t be scared to write about these companies, post about them and blast them every chance you get. Education changes things, so educate those around you!

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