Dear Sweet Molly,

Welcome to the family, Molly. First, I want to apologize to you. She is 3 years old. Her grandmother gave her the money to buy you after she graduated the first-grade level on In our house, it was a really big deal.

When we walked in the store, she saw you and her eyes lit up. She said, “That’s the one I want right there. She is beautiful!” After reading your container, I found out you were a “she”.  You will learn she is very PRO girl, so this made her even more excited. Right away, she named you Molly and was so excited to adopt you. She learned about what to feed you and how much, also about the water softener you would need for your fish bowl. Don’t worry. I have talked to her about not over feeding you and I will have your back and make sure your new home stays clean.

As we bring you home, I am already riddled with guilt. She will try to pet you!  She had already stuck her finger in your lil container twice. She doesn’t understand.  I am so sorry. I know you are terrified, I’m terrified too. I need you to live, just as much as you need to live so buddy, we are in this together. You were the only blue betta fish with red fins in the store, so me replacing you isn’t going to be possible. Please be patient with her, she loves you. The rest of the family is forced to love you and look out for your well-being to keep her happy. We are in this for the long haul. Just ignore me when I check on you 3 times a night to make sure you’re not floating the wrong way…

Lots of Love,

Cherie (Your owner’s mother)


  1. Lol! I get it. My son had a red betta fish, when he was 5. He did take good care of it. However, one day while he was at school, as I went in to put laundry away, after work. I found the fish on his floor. It had apparently got too excited and leapt too high, and met its demise.
    He cried the rest of the night, after we had the fish funeral and all said good words about the fish.
    I hope she enjoys her fish, Molly.


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