I hide in the garage and eat frozen lemon bars!

Confession: My daughter doesn’t like them, so it’s not about sharing, it’s about my sanity!  Having children is the best most ridiculous choice I’ve ever made.

The garage is quiet and there’s nothing in there that my daughter wants except her bike and scooter and it’s the last place she looks for me. The 2 minutes I spend hiding are euphoric.  The garage is clean, quiet and nobody is in there. Nobody to ask me to do anything for them.

No “Mommy, I’m hungry!” or “Honey, do you know where BLANK is?”

It’s 2 minutes of peace with nobody talking to me.  LOL.  In between cooking 3 meals a day, providing 2 snacks, homeschooling, taking my daughter to swimming lessons 2 times a week and Tae Kwon Do lessons 4 times a week, it’s 2 minutes I grab for myself daily.

If all you do for yourself is grab 2 minutes, it can change your world. I’m a better mom because I have a deep freezer in the garage. LOL.

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