Moms, most of us go through that “Who the fuck have we become?” moment. I know I have! I am now living in a small ass town. I have cut off my hair and have the perfect soccer mom bob. I spend my weeks HOMESCHOOLING instead of HOLLYWOODING!

Sometimes, it’s a mixture of hysterical laughter and tears. I wouldn’t trade motherhood for the world, BUT I also can’t let myself forget in the middle of tea parties, driving to ballet/tap, swimming lessons and Tae Kwon Do WHO THE FUCK I AM!

Listening to music is a huge way that I take time for myself during parenthood. It’s also a time I spend connecting with my 4-year-old.  Who doesn’t enjoy a good dance party? Or a rock out session in the car?

I have anxiety about being late, so I am everywhere early. (Can’t get use to there being no traffic.) My daughter calls it “GIRL TIME.”  She climbs out of her car seat and into the front of the truck with me. She turns up the radio and we sing and dance for the 15 minutes until her lesson starts.

Listening to Meghan Trainer’s new song “Treat Myself” she says “Let me give myself a hand / Get up and dance / I love all of me.” It’s really a great feel-good song but also a reminder of how great we are as women and we deserve to take time to be good to ourselves.

I tend to play a lot of happy, fast paced music when spending time with my girl. Music is a real mood booster and also helps you reconnect with old feelings, which is a reminder of the old me before kids. So even in the middle of a crazy busy week, take 5 minutes to turn on that song you use to play on the way to the club when you were younger and remind yourself of who the fuck you really are!

*I was a RockSTAR. I don’t know where this inner soccer mom came from, but I refuse to EVER drive a minivan or station wagon. Big Trucks and Fast Cars are also how I hold on to my identity!  How do you hold on to yours?


  1. I’m a movie fanatic (horror genre especially). Before being a Mom I would easily head to the movies alone if I had to. It was my breather/stress reliever. While I don’t go to the movies much anymore, I still take time a few days a week to catch a good movie. I’ll stay up late at night or get up early morning while everyone is asleep. I do dance with my kids too. Google home gives us the best dance parties!

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