Before There Was A Model T., There Was C.R. Patterson and Sons

It is no accident that most of us have never heard of Frederick Douglas Patterson. He was an American entrepreneur known for the Greenfield-Patterson automobile of 1915, built in Ohio. He later converted his business to the Greenfield Bus Body Company. Built by the first African American-owned automobile manufacturer, The C.R. Patterson & Sons Company, [...]

Hoop Earrings Originated in Africa around 2500 B.C.E.! (Also, $5 Earring Sale)

As a small child my idea of beauty was red lips and big hoop earrings. That was the idea I had in my head for my ideal look when I grew up. My mother would never let me wear large earrings as a child, but she always kept me in little hoops. I couldn't wait [...]

A Gem Found Me!

In my house, gift wrapping has always been my job, so I like to jump on it asap. I get super anxious doing it at the last minute. As my daughter grows older, I have been finding it more difficult to do it without getting caught in the act. Then I checked my DM, and it was like the [...]

Rhythm Here, Taking Taking Over My Mom’s Blog. Welcome to Adorable Youth!

My Mom's always talking about recycling the Black dollar, so I wanted to introduce you to my homegirls who have their own clothing line, Adorable Youth. BTW, I model for them! Their gear is comfy, beautiful, amazing, and fun to wear. Meet My Homies Hey, Cherie's World, I’m Ahnika and I am so excited to [...]

Christmas Shopping Day 1

With Christmas shortly approaching, I wanted to share with my Sistas one of my favorite new handbag lines!  “ATHENA” founded by Luchi TheDesigner in 2021 is a fast growing luxury designer BlackOwned handbag company out of New Orleans, Louisiana and located in Houston, Texas. Athena is a brand built on the intersection of purse and high [...]


I am one of those people who loves sunglasses. They are an extra accessory many pay no attention to. I happen to have a drawer full.  They polish off a stylish look on sunny days. I am one of those who squint way too much, so it's beneficial to preserve my face to put on sunglasses. I get more [...]


I found a new BLACK owned company I need everyone to know about! The people who own the company won me over because they have a passion for what they do! The packages are sent out beautifully. Which makes the perfect gift to anyone on your list!  Their mission statement is:  By using natural elements [...]