If he doesn’t care ENOUGH to pursue you consistently, he’s NOT serious.

Sis, let me help you out. I grew up being that one girl in the middle of a bunch of boys and the major thing that taught me is men are not afraid to go get what they want. They are natural-born hunters. If he isn't constantly pursuing you, the bottom line is you are not the one [...]

Christian Toby Obumseli is a self-hate story 101

One thing I know about life is no matter how terrible the circumstance may be, Karma is real... Hear me out! Image Credit: Facebook It's horrible anytime someone loses their life period. While I empathize with the family who loves him, the White supremacy he loved so much was his ultimate demise. The White officers who showed up [...]

The Magic Begins in the Unknown

Take the chance, what's the worst that can happen? You fail... So what! Get up and try again. I fail OFTEN, and I am Not Ashamed. Take the chance on success, love, marriage, money. (Whatever it is you truly desire) Take the chance of being happy! It is okay and you do not need anyone's approval. Take the [...]

It’s time for another Back to Basics Detox Challenge

You still have time to register for the Team Cherie J. Back to the Basics Detox Challenge, which starts on April 5th. As a certified nutritionist and holistic wellness advocate, Cherie Johnson brings extensive knowledge  as your dietary coach for a 10-day challenge to change your eating habits for better health, skin, hair, nails and [...]

Let’s support our Sista, y’all: Guest Blogger @brittaninicolebeauty

I am Brittani Nicole, founder, and CEO of Brittani Nicole Beauty, where my vision is to “SIMPLY INSPIRE”. The vision came about years ago while working at a high fashion retailer. I had many experiences with customers that burdened my heart.  Many of the women that shopped with me were wealthy, and many of them [...]

The Reason Women Love Thugs

I am going to be 100% honest. Women love bad boys and thugs because they know how to appreciate women. Most "Thugs" grew up lacking something.  Whether it be: Money Parental Guidance Stability Survival of abuse There are some underlying childhood issues. So, when they come across something or someone who is good to them... [...]

I never thought I’d say… Uncle Phil is Sexy!

I pride myself on not watching TV since UPN went off the air. Black television hasn't been the same since. Reality shows are a complete embarrassment to my entire alumni and all we fought to build, from the pay rate to the quality.   The new Bel Air got it right! This is a reboot because the older generation is familiar with [...]