Prep time – 15 minutes


  • One coconut
  • 2 whole bananas
  • Handful or organic blackberries
  • Honey or apple (optional)


  1. Crack coconut. (I use a meat tenderizer. It’s huge so maybe if you just have a hammer or drop it on the ground.  Have a bowl ready because it leaks.) Once it cracks pour the juice into a bowl.
  2. Take the shell (it’s white inside) and scrape all the white. It’s kind of hard but you will get it once you start. It’s called the coconut meat, lol.
  3. Scrape all of that into the bowl with the water.
  4. Then when it’s pretty thick with coconut, throw it all in the blender.
  5. Add 2 whole bananas.
  6. Add a handful of organic blackberries.
  7. Add ice.
  8. Blend until smooth and enjoy =) If you want to add sugar for a better taste, I recommend using a natural sweetener like honey or apple.