🍒It’s cherry season: the benefits of eating cherries🍒

Cherry season has arrived: they are among the first fruit trees to ripen. The abundance of vitamins in cherries makes it a wonder fruit. Eating cherries is not only good for your skin but is equally beneficial for the health of your hair as well as your digestive system. The vitamins present in cherries are capable of providing [...]

Food or medicine?

Only a small percentage of Americans (any groupings by age, sex or skin color) actually consume the recommended minimum of five daily servings of fruit and vegetables to maintain health. The National Cancer Institute now suggests nine servings of fresh plant foods per day to reduce health risks, a goal which is not likely to [...]

Register for the Team Cherie J. Back to the Basics Detox Challenge for $10

As a certified nutritionist and holistic wellness advocate, Cherie Johnson brings extensive knowledge  as your dietary coach for a 10-day challenge to change your eating habits for better health, skin, hair, nails and energy!   Each challenge group is also served by mindset, fitness, and wellness advocate & experts who guide participants through the process of [...]

🍒Eat your fruit… Not just because my name is Cherie!🍒

I'm going to let you in on a little secret of mine. Wealth means different things to different people. For some it's the latest handbag that makes them feel good. For me, it's a big bowl of fruit sitting in my kitchen! No Joke, I prefer an oversized bowl of fruit in my kitchen any day [...]

There’s nothing better to eat when it’s cold outside than a big bowl of Sancocho. (Recipe included)

When the temperatures drop below 25°, I’m looking for comfort food. (You can make this recipe at whatever temperature feels cold to you.) Something warm, something satisfying and something with humble roots. I’m not a huge soup person but I love a bowl of Sancocho. Maybe because it reminds me of a simpler time. Maybe [...]

I Know Green Tea is the Trend, but I Crave All Black Everything!

Samuel told us Always bet on BLACK...you know why? Black is good for you!  Black tea is a great natural way to help reduce cholesterol levels, which helps your heart health. It can help prevent heart attacks and strokes. One huge study done over a ten-year period evaluated almost 75,000 people. People who reported drinking at least 4 cups [...]

My Great Aunt LaVern mailed my daughter a cake! (Recipe included)

Those beautiful Christmas gifts bring you to tears. This year my Great Aunt got me. I remember being little and a round cookie tin arrived in the mail from Pittsburgh after we moved to California. We weren't home for the holidays. I remember feeling extremely special. I had to be around 7 years old, and that cake [...]


Hey Moms, Sometimes we all need a drink! Since I am not big on alcohol, my drink of choice is Lavender Tea. It has an instant calming effect, much like drinking a glass of wine. Only it has more health benefits. So, while my nerves are getting calm it's also great for self-care.  I wish someone [...]