He Did Not Buy You A Car If It’s Not In Your Name!

Let me put you up on some game, ladies: when a man buys you a car the car is in your name PERIOD! Once again, thank you to my big brothers for teaching me not to be a dumb girl who can be easily manipulated. 

Let me put you up on some game… Any time he can take it back, it’s not yours. If there is a car payment and it’s in his name and he’s paying it, it’s not yours! When a man buys you a car, he either gives you the money to go get it or he has it delivered to you with paperwork for you to sign for the title. I know my love has done it for me!

If you are driving a car that is leased by someone else, even if you are listed as an authorized driver on the lease agreement, the car is still legally considered the property of the person who signed the lease. In this case, you would be borrowing the car from the person who leased it, and you would need their permission to drive it. It’s important to note that if you are involved in an accident or incur any damages while driving a leased car, the person who signed the lease agreement would ultimately be responsible for any financial liabilities. 

Additionally, the lease agreement may include specific terms and conditions regarding who is allowed to drive the car and under what circumstances, so it’s important to review the agreement carefully before driving a leased car that belongs to someone else.

Don’t be a tax write off, driving in some dude’s company car that belongs to his LLC until he fires you and takes the car back!

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