Never Fight A Woman Over A Man!

Ladies, please explain to me the logic of fighting another woman over a cheating man. I understand the logic of both of you fighting him. I will never embarrass myself fighting any woman over a cheating man. (Cherie Johnson Is 2 cool for that.) If women banned together, men would stop. Other women owe you nothing, baby. It’s that man who owes you the loyalty and respect! 

If he’s a cheater and dumb enough to get caught, he deserves to be single. People can only continue to do to you what you accept.

I don’t even care if the other woman is your friend! Ladies hear me out.  If she was willing to take it there, at least you know where your friendship stands. Trust me I’ve been through this one firsthand. Only thing is he was loyal and disgusted by her advancements. There was no need to even confront her, he set her straight. It’s been years and I’ve never felt the need to say anything. What’s the point?  She made it known where I stand in her life and knowing makes me smile. You don’t need to trip ladies. Trust if she got turned down, she will live with that guilt. It’s not up to you to correct another woman’s behavior.  Correct the one you’re claiming and love. 

Let me repeat, “People can only continue to do to you what you accept.” Even though she and I didn’t have it out, she’s no longer a fixture in my home. See I control the energy I keep around me. It’s that easy when people NO longer serve the purpose of making you happy, you change your environment. Karma is real you ain’t gotta fight nobody, let everyone live in their own universal Karma.

(BTW ladies, cheating men are laughing at you when you’re fighting the other woman. It takes the attention off of them.)

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