Follow People Who Inspire You

Let’s face it: social media is the best time waster on earth right now. It has us all captivated, where we don’t have a clue how much time we are really spending there.

I admit… I got it bad, way too much of my time is being spent looking at my phone. I get lost laughing and talking madness. It’s like one big party. Following the wrong people will have you wasting your time. Following the right people will put you on a path of being productive. 

Don’t just follow your friends and family. Follow people with the same interests, hobbies or passions and don’t forget to pick an organization that is close to your heart.

My 4 favorite types of pages to follow:

1) The best pages I follow are those who inspire me and help generate ideas!

2) The pages that teach me something

3) The pages that create a healthy competition

4) The pages that assist in growing my business and making some money.

The great thing about the internet is the possibilities are endless, so if you made no money today on social media, YOU are not on your hustle at all.

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