Why I Drink Hot Water

The first part of my morning routine is drinking hot water. Besides the smile I get on winter mornings holding onto that warm cup, it has many benefits besides just opening my pores before a good face cleansing.

Hot water improves the blood circulation. It flushes out toxins, including fat deposits circulating in your body. It helps your blood flow and relaxes your muscles.

Drinking hot water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach will promote digestion, body detoxification and bowel movements.

Hot water is a great gift that can keep on giving because it prevents premature aging! Let Father Time battle one of the most powerful forces in the world…water!

Hot water not only promotes hair grow but helps prevents dandruff.

Hot water aids weight loss.

And last, but not least helps ease menstrual cramps.

Hot water is the real MVP in my life!

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