To Stay Or To Go? “If Things Never Change, Would You Be Happy Living The Rest Of Your Life Like This?”

As long as I’m talking, we are good. It’s when I get quiet… I’m done. I talk to try to change things. Once I realize my words aren’t heard or considered, I can’t change anything or make someone see the flaw or fault in the situation, it’s my turn to sit back and evaluate myself, my heart and my feelings. I will always choose Peace over Pride. I can’t worry about things or people I can’t change.

I ask myself a very serious question. “If things never change, will I be happy living the rest of my life like this?” If the answer is yes, I will talk again. If the answer is no, I learned my lesson and it’s time for me to move on. I have no problem letting go of things or people who don’t serve my future positively.

I see the signs and red flags🚩🚩🚩quickly. I no longer overstay and waste my time. I simply allow relationships to dissipate, regardless of nature. I can love you but never speak to you again… My Peace is worth it.

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