Representation Matters

My mother always did a wonderful job to make sure I saw my face and likeness on the Santas in and outside our house. She painted them! I am so thankful that my daughter was born in a time that is much more inclusive and we have places like the Pottery Barn carrying these beautiful Black Santa ornaments that I fell in love with! 

Santa from Pottery Barn

My daughter asked me, “Mommy, why don’t we have nutcrackers?”

I looked down at her and said, “I dunno baby, I honestly just never thought to buy 1.” 

Then I thought to myself, I’ve never even seen a black one?

When she went to bed that night, I got on the internet and was so excited to see these 3 beauties at JCPenney! So, I ordered 3 of them.

Nutcrackers from JCPenney

Research shows ethnic-racial representation in media affects and influences messages to adults. So, imagine how it programs children. It’s no secret that it was underrepresented on television. So, there’s no reason in our own homes that our children’s likeness is underrepresented with generous, non-stereotyped characters. 

Black Santas

I pray one day we can get her picture taken with a Black Santa Claus as well! A lot of us didn’t believe in Santa Claus at an early age simply because we knew early “no White man was coming to the hood to give us shit for free.” While that’s the sad reality, there’s nothing wrong with the parents who choose to allow their children’s imaginations to run wild believing if they are good, they will magically be rewarded. 

Rhythm and Santa

I mean Sistas, y’all out there believing in lotions, waist trainers and teas. Let these kids be kids…

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