It’s Officially Sweater Weather

I’m an East Coast girl. There is something so sexy about the weather change. Sweaters, warm tea, that extra blanket on the bed! Let’s not forget about the sexiness of men in Tim’s and Hoodies on, women in skinny jeans and high boots! Seeing your breath. Deep sigh, I have the biggest smile on my face!

As the seasons change, so should your skin and hair care. 

I notice I use more of my Wild Cherry Hair Serum in the winter and less conditioner because it’s too cold for my wash and go. You can find my hair serum here.

I also love this Moisturizing Body Oil by Kian

It’s a fine mist oil formulated with sunflower oil, olive oil and vitamin E. It’s lightweight and absorbs instantly.

Both of these products are affordable but leave you feeling like you have done something expensively special for yourself! While it’s just as important to take care of your appearance, don’t forget to care for your soul. I am in love with these loose leaf teas. They have a variety, but the Calm Balm speaks to my soul.

Calm your mind, body and spirit with the Calm Balm.  Made with Licorice Root, Lemon Grass, Lavender and Peppermint. This blend is great for soothing irritation in your head, throat and stomach. It also tastes as good as it sounds and relaxes the body’s muscular system while boosting your ability to focus and gain clarity!

These are all wonderful products for the holiday season; they are all affordable and made by Black Women.

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