Guest Blogger: Monique Wimbush – Against All Odds

My name is Monique and I was born in the Bronx, NY and raised into the woman I am in Queens, NY. I am a health and wellness coach, an aspiring author, and a podcaster. I enjoy podcasting and being a voice for those young and old, boys and girls, women and men who don’t have a voice, or maybe they do but are not sure how to use it. 

One of my favorite songs is titled “Against All Odds” by Tupac. The song was written in 1995. I was only 7 years old at the time. I could relate to the message that he was trying to get across because like Tupac I too had some struggles in my life where I had to fight against all odds. Some of the things that I had to overcome were being born to a mother who decided crack was more important than me, jumping from family to family and facing abandonment, being placed in a foster home, becoming homeless with a 1-year-old daughter at the age of 19, sleeping with men for money just to get by and so much more. I could go deeper into all of those things but for the sake of time, you are looking at someone who beat those odds.

When I was placed in care with my foster mom she taught me all that I needed to know about being a woman. I had no idea that I’d go through life before even realizing I’d need those things that were taught at such a young age. She taught me that even throughout my circumstances I should remain a lady, she taught me how important it was to speak up when I felt good but also when something doesn’t feel good, she taught me that forgiveness is so important to move on not for them but for me and I had no idea through all of my many struggles that a Lil girl born in the Bronx, NY could inspire so many people from so many backgrounds! I never thought in 1 million years that with all of the fucked up things I’d been through that I’d use my voice to change the world around me or that I’d have the opportunity to speak to Cherie Johnson aka Maxine and she’d give me a GO on her platform to possibly help others! Honestly, I never thought I’d even make it to see 34 years but I’m here.

All I’m saying to you sistas out there is that who you were doesn’t define who you are now! It’s about the experiences you have in life and the lessons learned in order to elevate to a higher you. You don’t have to be where you see yourself being at this very moment! You are where you’re supposed to be! We should push one another, help one another, and create bonds with people who see us past who we are right now!

Everything I’ve been through led me to just help people! I always want to see people win and I want to help people heal so I share my stories of life with those believing that they just can’t beat those odds! I did it so much unknowingly that people started to ask me why won’t I just make a podcast. I never thought to do so because I’m always going live and I didn’t believe I could do it but when I started I realized how many other people I was able to help, and the amount of support that I have, all because I decided to be raw and authentic with who I am and all because of the odds that were against me that I knocked down. I encourage anyone to share their story with people if you want to be successful with podcasting and any event that you qualify for to tell it, GO FOR IT REAL AND RAW. 

FB- MsNique Wimbush
IG- _Ms_Nique88
Tik Tok- _Ms_Nique88
Pod Cast- MsNique88 (anchor and Spotify) 

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