Christmas Shopping Day 1

With Christmas shortly approaching, I wanted to share with my Sistas one of my favorite new handbag lines! 

“ATHENA” founded by Luchi TheDesigner in 2021 is a fast growing luxury designer BlackOwned handbag company out of New Orleans, Louisiana and located in Houston, Texas. Athena is a brand built on the intersection of purse and high fashion as a visual language and channel of communication. The name “ATHENA” comes from the Goddess Athena who represents wisdom love knowledge nurturing power she’s the goddess of all goddess and represents all the greatness that black women are you can read a little more about the Designer and brand with this link you can find us on Instagram @theofficial.Athena on twitter @luchithedesignr and Facebook Athena luxury 

Tote: $679

Barrel bag: $329

Handbag: $329

Unisex sling bag: $349

Totes: $400


Handbags: $220

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