The Normalization of Dysfunction is Astonishing!

“You just have to get to know them” & “That’s just how they are” are excuses given by loved ones for their folks’ bad behavior. 

I’ve been seen as problematic because I became unwilling to stay quiet and “keep the peace” about dysfunction once my daughter was born.

I refused to teach her that chaos, dysfunction and disrespect was environmentally normal, because it is NOT! I started advocating for myself and my child once she got here. It did alienate me from many and I am okay with that. My life is finally peaceful. I refused to be the one to introduce her to any environment which isn’t conducive to the betterment of her mental health and self-esteem. 

When it doesn’t feel right, always choose yourself. No matter how much you love them. There is nothing wrong with detaching from a toxic person, family or NOT, to save your own sanity!

Cheating, disrespect, negativity, verbal & physical abuse, constant judgement and ingratitude are all characteristics of Dysfunction.

When people love you, they respect you. Even during the hard times. You should never have to beg for someone’s attention or love. The door swings both ways if they want to walk out. Lord knows, don’t beg them to stay! It’s all a game to them! That’s their calling card, “If they think I will leave, they will accept my bad behavior”. 


Threats are made by master manipulators and baby; you deserve better than that. You are enough and the right one will be happy to stay! They will be happy to respect you!

Run from Dysfunction, your mental health is worth it!

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