You can’t beat a man who battles himself every day…

“You can’t beat a man who battles himself every day…”

Says my 8-year-old out of the blue at the most perfect time. Mind you nobody in my home was fighting, but I was sitting around overthinking a situation I can’t change. I thought I was overthinking quietly but obviously; my thoughts were louder than I knew. LOL. She was playing Roblox, so I didn’t think she noticed Mommy had been sitting in the same spot for the past hour doing absolutely NOTHING, no TV on, just sitting in silence.

“What do you mean, my love?” I asked.

“There’s no use in arguing or fighting with people who are having their internal battle, Mommy. You will never win,” she said so confidently.

“You are right, my love”, I told her.

She turned around and started walking out of the room and stopped.

“You can’t beat a man who battles himself every day,” she said so calmly and simply walked away.

I was stuck for a moment, then I giggled. (I think I’m the man she’s talking about) I learn so much from her.

One thing is for sure: children’s intuition is so pure. I’m not sure where she heard it, but she regurgitated it back to me at the perfect time.

I then paused, closed my eyes and said, “Cherie, You can’t control:”

  1. How other people treat you
  2. If people dislike you
  3. Other people’s actions
  4. Other people’s feelings
  5. Other people’s beliefs
  6. Other people’s thoughts
  7. Who we’re related to
  8. The weather
  9. Natural disasters
  10. The passing of time
  11. When other people die
  12. When you die
  13. Physical & mental limitations
  14. Your privilege (or lack of)
  15. The Past (Let It GO)
  16. Change is inevitable (You can’t stop it)
  17. The future
  18. The exact outcome of Everything.

When I finished, I smiled. I felt the weight lift off my shoulders, so I went and cooked dinner. I wanted to share this with you because I know I’m not the only overthinker here.

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