Black Men: We Need to Stop the Toxic Cycles!

Dear Beautiful Black Men,

We need to STOP the Toxic Cycles! Black men are causing other Black men trauma without even realizing it. Please don’t ever allow anyone to have enough power to make you feel bad about 

          Being in love

          Being soft

          Being a simp!

Those are all beautiful things. Unfortunately, our Black men are teased and taunted by men who have never had successful relationships themselves to think those are negative things. When in fact, the men doing the teasing are suffering quietly because all they want is to be loved. But they probably allowed those very same words to affect them, and they treated the women who loved them as if they weren’t that important to them to fit in.  (To prove they are not a sucker) In return, they lost love…

It’s a cycle with Black Men until one steps up and chooses to break the cycle.

Being soft with the one you love is beautiful and safe. Being soft doesn’t make you weak! It makes you strong. It makes your relationship strong. Men want to be the head of the home; you get what you give. Being soft with your loved ones is treating them with more respect than you do others. As you do your Grandma. You show her extra kindness because you RESPECT her and you love her! That’s a beautiful thing. Treating your wife-to-be, girlfriend, or loved one with the same gentle tongue and love is essential for a nontoxic, successful relationship. 

Being a simp at times is Necessary to heal hearts.

Being in love is the most wonderful drug in the world.   

You are deserving of someone being soft to you, simping to you, being gentle with you, and being in love with you. Just like the right woman deserves to receive that love and respect from you. I will continue praying for us as a community. I know that we can get back to where we used to be if we just stop, breathe and love one another.

I love you!


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