Opportunity is Everywhere

Successful people are successful because they refuse to let opportunity pass them by. They aren’t afraid to hear NO and they hear it often, but they are emotionally intelligent enough to know just because they were told “NO,” it’s not the end all be all. It means NO…Not right now.

As actor’s statistics say, we get 1 job out of 100 auditions. That means we are told NO a whole hell lot more than yes. People only see the wins, not the hard work and dedication we put into it.

I promise you opportunities are everywhere; you just have to open your eyes and see them! Make lemonade out of lemons is an expression we have all heard right? Well, it is the perfect example in life. You know how businesses thrive… they fill a void where there is a demand, it’s that easy. Everyone wasn’t born with passion and know how but everyone was born with needs.

If there is something missing from your community that you feel is needed, BOOM provide it! That’s taking advantage and creating an opportunity for others.

I know next you are going to say but with what money? Everything has to start somewhere. Even if it’s $300, you will be shocked how far that really goes when spent on necessities to make your dreams come true. If you truly believe in yourself, others will as well. You may be shocked who pitches in to help you achieve those dreams.

The only dream maker you can depend on is yourself. So if there are some things you dream about making happen in your life, GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA AND PUSH FOR WHAT YOU WANT!

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