Flashback Friday – My biggest turn off is men who complain about paying child support

Here’s a Flashback Friday post from 2018.

I am so thankful I do not have a child support issue. The vast majority of men on social media make my stomach turn. I could not imagine having to explain to a grown man why I need money to help take care of a little human we created together. One of my biggest turn offs in life is to hear a man complain about paying child support for his child!  Most men who are doing all the complaining have never really done the math or had firsthand experience in what it really takes to raise a child. I’ma break it down for a few lames really quickly. My daughter is now 4 but when she was an infant, she drank $250 worth of formula a month. At Costco, I spent about $100 on diapers. I am not talking about clothes, medical insurance or providing shelter.

Now, she is 4 years old and she eats about $400 worth of food a month. When I posted this on Facebook, men actually wrote me that she needs a job or to go on a diet. Actually, you cheap bastards that breaks down to $13.33 a day! I cook at home daily, so this is not eating out or living a lavish life. These are home cooked meals. (Less than the amount of blunts you probably smoke.) Yes, I went there because I can’t imagine the mindset of a man who can’t comprehend the purpose of child support or what it takes to raise a child.

Outside of food, a child still needs shelter, clothing and health insurance.  Also, I pray parents are fostering the kids’ interest with some kind of activities. Children who are involved in extracurricular activities are more likely to go to college.

The average cost to raise a child is $14,400 a year. Monthly, that’s less than $1,200.00.  Bottom line if you are paying under $2,500 a month, I am disgusted by your complaints period!

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