Wellness is inside out!

When you have your own personal goals,  it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded people. They will push you daily to be the best you, whether they are near or far. One of my dear friends, Derin is the founder of Strotokan. When I mentioned to him my 46-year-old body wasn’t 20 anymore, I received a package in the mail immediately! LOL, I spent my summer in a bikini thanks to him and I will continue the journey during the fall and winter months as well. Being a nutritionist, I had the inside of me covered. He’s making sure I keep that hourglass figure.

Strotokan is Coachella Valley’s #1 premier mobile personal training company offering a wide array of health and wellness services customized to each individual’s specific needs with a heavy emphasis on martial arts. 

You can follow @Strotokan on all socials

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