My Healthy Hair Secret

When I was on Family Matters, I used to get a lot of compliments about my hair. One of the big things was people always wanted to know how I kept my hair so healthy, knowing it had to be styled all the time. When I asked Melanie what she did to my hair, she started telling me about the oil that she makes for me. That’s when she educated me, and I found out that she uses Cherry! Cherry is a natural growth agent essential to the success of my hair growth. Bam. That idea of bottling it was born. It’s made from cherries. My name is Cherie pronounced Cherry. It was only natural to name it after me: Wild Cherry! 

Our Mission – To supply a product that not only promotes a healthy scalp for hair growth but also helps keep the hair smelling fresh. It also reduces the smell of hot irons and burnt scents from thermal-styled hair. We have developed a product that will not leave the build-up that mineral oils leave behind. Our goal is to keep our oils pure with no fillers, cuts, or mineral oils to stretch them. A small drop of this oil provided by nature goes a really long way.

Wild Cherry

Our Hair Serum sets itself apart from all other products because of its many different benefits. Although there are numerous products on the market that smell great and give the hair shine, this product also helps the scalp maintain a healthy state and glow. Many products are for professional use only, however this product can be used in the salon and at home alike.

The hair serum and other products are available at:

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