American Gangster Trap Queens: Season Three, Episode Nine on BET PLUS

OK, y’all gonna have to check out the show because my Aunt Vicki was on TV last night! Not only was she on TV but she was playing a pastor from Braddock, Pennsylvania which is directly across the bridge from where I am from (Duquesne, Pennsylvania). Duke, you’re gonna love this! The story is a trip.

My Uncle Mark’s wife got a job recreating “Tracie Dickie” also known as “Tracie Williams,” 57, who was sentenced on wire fraud and labor trafficking charges after officials say she forced church members to work certain jobs, pocketed their earnings, and directed them to defraud various hotels. Dickey was a self-appointed bishop of Deliverance Tabernacle Ministries, an organization she founded that proclaimed to offer faith-based services in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida.

Super proud of her. What most of you will never understand is actors go on 100 auditions before they land 1 job. The grind aint easy and the jobs don’t always come when convenient, but you have to be ready to put everything on hold to take the opportunity when it comes because we never know when it’s coming again. She did just that and did her thang! Got to show us a wide range of emotions and “Let me find out she has a gangsta side!” I’m a fan and super proud.

I am so excited, y’all. Seeing your family on TV is one of the most incredible feelings in the world, even though I grew up on TV. I’m still amazed because I’m this little girl from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and never did I imagine that my life would be exactly how I manifested it!

Check out the trailer here

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