Why does Florida have the worst drivers in the USA?

Why Does Florida Have The Worst Drivers in the USA?

My man said, “It’s like they all put on blindfolds and say, okay Go!”

I have driven in almost every state in the USA and hands down I truly believe Florida is the most uncomfortable, rude, aggressively dumb place I’ve ever driven. It’s not that they drive fast, it’s that they think it’s okay to be in your lane and theirs. They come out of nowhere from side streets, like they never even thought to look both ways first!

Part of the problem with those folks is…

Cell phones are way more important than the roads.

Half the drivers are too old to be on the road and they need their licenses taken.

Let’s not forget the drivers who drive 20 MPH below or above-posted speed limits, have not mastered the difference between green and red lights and are convinced “cars have priority over pedestrians.” Nobody is ever on time but everybody is in a rush to speed away from an accident because they are not insured or worse, and think stop signs are merely suggestions.

Let’s not forget crowded streets, constant traffic, road closures and detours, accidents, and tons of parking lots.

While I love Miami and Love having my spa here… I love the quality of life it provides, I damn sure don’t love to drive ANYWHERE DOWN HERE! So, check out my new ride! Yeah, I’m serious. I came home today with a bike LOL! Beach Cruiser Baby… Don’t worry, I’m not leaving the family behind. EVERYONE GOT A BIKE. (Everyone’s not happy But Everyone can roll) LOL

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