STD = Spiritually-Transmitted Disease

STD (Spiritually-Transmitted Disease): When you transfer unhealthy spirits from person to person via intercourse. Yeah, if you never heard of it before you are not the only one. I just learned myself, as I read this book titled The Exchange.

Overall, it was an engaging, quick read written by 2 women about how their sexual experiences shaped their lives. While their experiences are not mine, their feelings towards men and sex were often synonymous to me and many women I know. Parents tell us to save sex for marriage, unfortunately, many have that choice taken from them at an early age. Those experiences shape every relationship they have after that, including the relationship they have with themselves.

This is written obviously after these women have sought therapy and grown into their healing. I would advise this book to everyone who is sexually active.  If you have teenage children, there are some lessons here you don’t want to miss. My daughter is only 7 years old, but I will be having those hard conversations with her sooner than I’d like to, and I will be dropping some jewels from this book on her. One of my favorite parts of the book is that the co-authors left a space in the back where they ask questions and left room for you to write out your answers. It was like playing honesty hour with myself. It became somewhat like a journal for me. I will be sharing this journal with my life partner but of course, you can keep yours to yourself.

You can find your copy written by Faith Thomas & Victory Amber

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