If he doesn’t care ENOUGH to pursue you consistently, he’s NOT serious.

Sis, let me help you out. I grew up being that one girl in the middle of a bunch of boys and the major thing that taught me is men are not afraid to go get what they want. They are natural-born hunters. If he isn’t constantly pursuing you, the bottom line is you are not the one for him. Efforts show a man’s intentions. Even if, when he does contact you every other month, he’s showing major interest. That once-a-month text message ain’t it. That is a tell-tale sign he’s chasing another tail.  Men are going to be upset with me for dropping this knowledge on you but some of you all are too old NOT to know.

Here are a few reasons why your phone isn’t ringing.

He’s simply:

  • Emotionally unavailable
  • He wants to sleep with you but that’s it
  • Dating a lot of women
  • Indecisive
  • You are a time filler (yup, he’s bored)

Stop wasting your time, Sis. Don’t wait around thinking he is going to change. You’re Not the last resort, you should be the first and only option. There is NOTHING you can do to change his actions or gain his attention. Dogs chase cats, period, Cats don’t chase dogs.

If you are looking for a man who is relationship ready, please keep in mind there won’t be any excuses period. When men want women, they go get them. They find the time to do everything they want.

  • Won’t leave you questioning where you stand with him
  • Consistent communication
  • Make efforts to see you
  • He will call you, not just text you
  • Introduces you to his family and friends (within the first couple of months)

When a man LOVES you, he will Profess, Provide and Protect without question.

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