Christian Toby Obumseli is a self-hate story 101

One thing I know about life is no matter how terrible the circumstance may be, Karma is real… Hear me out!

Image Credit: Facebook

It’s horrible anytime someone loses their life period. While I empathize with the family who loves him, the White supremacy he loved so much was his ultimate demise. The White officers who showed up on the scene refused to investigate because those White tears are real. 

I don’t condone domestic violence in any way, shape or form, so if she was protecting her life so be it. If she wasn’t, 2022 is a cold game and not much has changed but I will sleep well tonight. I feel sorry for his family.

Though I never met him, a few things ring very clear. He hated the reflection of self in American Black women. As if we are lesser than. Unfortunately, hate I have personally encountered a few times from African men. 

I have been told I am impure, dirty and that American Black women don’t respect their womb. All because I am NOT African. Yet, America wants to consider me African American. That is a whole nother conversation, back to the topic at hand.

Christian praised White women publicly, boasted how he wanted mixed children on his Twitter page.  He spent time dehumanizing Black women. If that was his preference, that’s fine. I am all for loving whoever you want to love. What I’m not for is putting others down because of the color of their skin, Period.

“Live by the gun, die by the gun,” my momma used to say.

 Watch what you say and what you give your energy to.

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