Black Love is Real

I stole this picture of my Brother and Sister. They may kill me for it, but today I wanted to share and celebrate them. They are my inspiration! They are love! 

It’s so important for us to have real life examples of Black Love and Families. My examples aren’t famous people on TV that I will never meet. They are people I know and Love!  They are people I can pick up the phone and ask for advice. 

Relationships are a full-time commitment, but so worth it when the love you give is given back. Life and love are truly simple when you want them to be! 

They say the closest 5 people to you are who you become. Watch the company that you keep and the couples you double date with. Your environment and Karma often mirror those you spend time with. Stop asking your toxic friends for relationship advice and ask those who are winning at marriage instead. 

I love both of you and I admire you individually but TOGETHER!!!! Together you are a tremendously beautiful couple. Thank you both for being who you are!  I love you! 

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