I never thought I’d say… Uncle Phil is Sexy!

I pride myself on not watching TV since UPN went off the air. Black television hasn’t been the same since. Reality shows are a complete embarrassment to my entire alumni and all we fought to build, from the pay rate to the quality.  

The new Bel Air got it right! This is a reboot because the older generation is familiar with the characters, but it’s BRAND NEW! Here is a quick rundown.

Uncle Phil is a boss and oh so sexy!

Aunt Viv is still a goddess!

Will is amazing and easy to adore… just like Will!

Carlton is a Mark-Ass Buster but a phenomenal actor!


Ashley is gay… I was too…

Geoffrey is a sexy Gangsta

Jazz is adorable and making moves

Lisa she’s got a phatass and keeping conflict between Will and Carlton because of it. 

BRAVO for embracing the beauty in Blackness. I love love love it! I have watched all 6 episodes and can’t wait for the 7th, As a parent, it’s a little too racy for my 7-year-old but Mom and Dad are enjoying watching it when she’s in bed. Late Night, Date Night TV is Back…THANK YOU!!!

Images credit: peacocktv.com

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