He doesn’t want you! He wants to know he has access to you!

Sis, know the difference. If you have a man from your past who reaches out to you sporadically out of the blue, after disappearing for months at a time. Just as you have moved on… Please know that’s not your man and he’s better left in the past.

That’s Not Your Man, Sis! He simply tryna see if he could still have you where he wants you. Not he wants you, Period. Men are natural hunters and love a challenge: yes, but let me set you straight. If a man wants you in his life he will come and get you, Period.

Don’t get upset with me for telling you the truth. Men are different from us, Sis. We can be convinced into being interested in a man, where at first he may not be our type but after a few laughs, a few good meals and some fun days together whoopsie, we dating the dude we didn’t want. Why, men know within 5 minutes how far they are willing to take a relationship with a woman. (Some men gonna be mad I let the cat out the bag, but some of these women need to know so they stop playing themselves).

He just wants to see if you’re gonna text back and give him that energy. He just wants to see if you’re gonna answer when he calls. He doesn’t want you; he wants access to you. Leave that BOY on READ, MA! Thank me later.

Let me make it plain. 

“If you can have access to God anytime you want him, he’s no longer God.” ~ IceBerg Slim

One thought on “He doesn’t want you! He wants to know he has access to you!

  1. Great read. This is soul food for sure. Not accepting less starts with accepting, loving, and seeing the value in ourselves imperfections and all.


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