I blocked you for self-preservation

Me blocking you is more about my mental health and happiness than it is about you really. Me blocking you means I chose me over chaos. Relationships and love are selfish. It’s less about the other person and more about the way that person in your life makes you feel about yourself! 

When your presence stopped feeding my spirit happiness, it was time for your access to be denied. 

Life is too short for me to look down at my phone and to think, “Oh Lord, here we go.” Or walk into a room and instantly, my spirit takes a dive. 

Happiness is a choice and the saying “Misery loves company” is real. I’ve chosen Happiness! My life is no longer about me, it’s about my offspring. Only a happy Mother can raise a happy family and that’s my biggest goal at this point! 

So, I will decline an invitation to an unhealthy environment any day. It’s more about me than about you. Get it? I choose me. 

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