We are all we got. Let’s start loving and supporting each other!

I love you, Sista! I love you, Brotha! I support you and want to see you win. As a community, we have so many issues. OUR FIRST BIGGEST ISSUE IS LOVE AND RESPECT. Yes, trauma runs deep in the Black community. Are you ready to break the cycle? If so, it starts with love. My Sistas, this blog is my dedication to the love I have for you. It is a place of peace and shelter, to uplift, share our stories, help build and tell people about our businesses. My Brothas, never tryna leave you out but I can’t speak on your experiences as a man. I can only hope you read the blogs as well to start healthy conversations and understand the female experience more.

Black Men, I understand you feel the world is against you. Believe it or not, Black Women do too. Let’s stop comparing our experiences and debating on who has it harder. Let’s love and support one another to give each other a place to be vulnerable, let our guard down and learn to be a place of peace for each other. No judgment or telling each other how the other should feel, just shut up and listen. You don’t have to agree but others are allowed to have their own feelings about experiences.

Each one teaches one. You learn more using your two ears than you do running your mouth.

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