🍒Eat your fruit… Not just because my name is Cherie!🍒

I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine. Wealth means different things to different people. For some it’s the latest handbag that makes them feel good. For me, it’s a big bowl of fruit sitting in my kitchen! No Joke, I prefer an oversized bowl of fruit in my kitchen any day over flowers.

When I have nutritional consultations with new clients, they always ask the same question. 

“What is the best thing to eat for breakfast?”  

The answer is fruit. 

The truth is your body’s natural detoxification time is from whatever time you wake up in the morning to 11 AM, so the first thing that you should put in your mouth in the morning is water and nothing but fruit until after 11 AM. 

This is the best way to feed your body the fuel that you need. Eating fruit in the morning helps your body rid toxins and helps clean your system, aiding your digestive system, leading to weight loss. 

Fruit is also one of the best ways to alkalize your body. Some people think that fruit is too acidic but that’s false. Citrus fruits like limes and lemons are the most alkaline fruits on earth. They might be acidic in nature but once they reach the stomach, it helps make it alkaline. Believe it or not, all fruits are alkaline. And because most fruits are water-based, it’s a great way of ensuring that your body is getting enough water throughout the day if you’re having trouble drinking it.

 All of the vitamins and minerals and antioxidants that are in fruit are great for reducing your cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Eating fruit is a simple and viral way of preventing cardiovascular disease. Fruit makes your heart healthier and stronger! If for no other reason, eat it for your heart!

Health is True Wealth!

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